is a companion program 

to the documentary.

This series of 3 short VR films in 360° video focuses on the themes of free immersion apnea, the study of cetaceans, and the importance of yoga and breathing for free-divers.


The films feature three of the most accomplished free-divers worldwide: William Trubridge, current world record holder in free-diving, Fabrice Schnöller, free-diver and cetacean researcher, and Sara Campbell, yogi and world record holding free-diver.

Taking up on Jacques Mayol’s pioneering vision, each of these exceptional protagonists take us on a sensory journey into the breathtakingly beautiful oceans of our planet, to explore what happens to the human body and mind in the deep dark blue of the ocean and to rediscover our relationship with the sea.

 Directed by Benoît Lichté, produced by Cédric Bonin.

Co-produced by SeppiaARTE G.E.I.E. and WOWOW, distributed by MK2. 

DOLPHIN MAN VR is available on ARTE 360 VR in parallel to the theatrical release and TV broadcast of the documentary Dolphin Man on ARTE TV.



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